I'm interested in cetacean social behaviour and group structure, understanding how dolphins interact with each other, both aggressively and cooperatively, and ways in which they maintain their social bonds. I'm also interested in photo-ID and distribution of the Pacific white-sided dolphins around Japan.


Photo Credit: Mai Sakai

Flipper rubbing

I have been analysing underwater video data from around Mikura Island, Japan to find sex differences in the social behaviour of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Studying 'flipper rubbing', a behaviour that strengthens bonds between dolphins.

Japan Ethology Conference 2019:

Rosser et al. 'Sex differences of flipper rubbing in wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins'

Photo-ID studies

Collecting photo-identification data on Pacific white-sided dolphins in Mutsu Bay, Japan as part of a long-term study with Mutsu Bay Dolphin Research. Our aim is to establish whether the same individuals return to the bay each year on their Northern migration.


Photo Credit: Mutsu Bay Dolphin Research


Photo Credit: Mutsu Bay Dolphin Research

Behavioural studies of Pacific white-sided dolphins